How much does it cost to get a piercing?

Our prices are based on a piercing fee plus the cost of jewelry. The cost of the jewelry can vary widely since we offer such a variety for each piercing type. The best thing to do is stop in so we can show you the options in person and find something that fits your tastes, anatomy and budget. 

-Ear lobe piercing fee (pair) $40
- General piercing fee $35
- Subsequent piercing fee (when more than one is done in the same setting) $25
- Intimate piercing fee $55
- Jewelry insertion fee (Mint jewelry) FREE (outside jewelry) $5
- Stretching fee $10

How old do you have to be to get pierced?

You have to be 18 with an ID to get pierced. Minors can get certain piercings when accompanied by a parent.

-Minors ages 13 and up can get ear lobe, helix, and nostril piercings. 

-Minors 16 and up can get the piercings listed above as well as navel, septum and other ear cartilage piercings (conch, tragus, etc..) on an anatomical discressionary basis.  

-Minors cannot receive surface piercings (microdermals), oral, nipple, or intimate piercings under any circumstance.  

Do I need an appointment?

We highly reccommend appointments.  Our studios can be very busy and your time is valuable.  We do cater to walkins as well on a first come, first serve basis but customers with appointments can count walking to the front of the line at the time of their booked appointment.  Book online HERE.  It's super simple!  You can also fill out your release before your visit so the only thing you have to do is show up and oogle jewelz!

How much should I tip my piercer?

Piercing is a service industry and anyone who has had more than one or two people pierce them has probably realized that there is a vast difference between ok service and excellent service.  Standard tipping practice is much like a server at a restaurant but a ten or twenty dollar bill is always appreciated for a job well done.  Cash is preferred but our staff can add a tip to your credit ticket upon checkout.  

Do you pierce little kids' ears?

We do indeed! Our piercers are pros at making your kiddo comfortable and making the whole experience fun and safe. We require that the child be old enough to know what is going on and want to have the piercings.

We usually find that the best ages are between 6 and 8 at a minimum. Any younger than that and they typically have a hard time letting go and relaxing. The requirement is that the child be able to lie flat and relax in spite of nervousness. Our piercers will be exceptionally kind and patient with them, but there are some situations where we will have to call off the piercings due to squirminess or if the child becomes upset. Our goal is to make this a positive experience for your young one and under no circumstances will we force them to do something they are having a hard time with. Sometimes bringing a favorite stuffed animal with can help make them feel comfortable.

We also encourage you to bring your child in prior to the date of piercing if possible so they can meet their piercer and be in our studio without the fear of getting pierced. That way when they come back for the piercings there will be some familiarity.

What about infants?

We are not comfortable piercing anyone who cannot willingly consent to the experience. This includes infants and very young children.

Do you do intimate piercings? Where can I view a portfolio of your work?

Our piercers are very experienced with all manners of safe piercing, including intimate piercings. Please do not hesitate to contact or stop by to speak with our staff about your goals. We approach this with the utmost of professionalism and take your confidentiality very seriously.

Can I bring my own jewelry to get pierced with?

In short, no. We want to give you the best, safest piercing possible. Part of doing that is using a brand new, high quality piece of jewelry. Since we cannot guarantee the origin or material of jewelry purchased elsewhere, we cannot guarantee it's safety like we can with the jewelry that we carry from trusted, American manufacturers.

What's all of this talk about daith piercings curing migraines?

We actually wrote an article on this subject that can viewed HERE.  Feel free to contact us with any further questions!