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Kids' Ear Piercing


Iowa's #1 Kids' Piercers! 

We want to make getting your little one's ears pierced a safe and fun experience. Here is a whole pile of information that we have found to be super helpful in making this happen. Please read carefully and let us know if you have any questions!


Notes for the Parents!


Can I bring my other children/friends/family to watch?

While we sometimes think the support of other people will help make a child more comfortable, it can actually have the opposite effect. The more people that are present, the more distraction there is for everyone involve. The piercer needs a quiet, light environment to guide the experience for both you and your child, and this becomes increasingly difficult when more people are present. Only you and your child is ideal.

Children are welcome in the studio but must be accompanied and supervised at all times. If you need to bring other children with, please bring a responsible secondary adult who can watch them in the lobby, or in the car during the piercing. This policy is for the comfort and enjoyment of all fellow clients and staff.

What if my child becomes upset during the piercings?

This is totally okay and certainly happens sometimes. We highly encourage you to let the piercer handle the situation as they see fit. They are very skilled at working with children and are not new to this situation if it arises. They will do everything they can to help your child go through with the piercings, if possible. Sometimes, parents can unknowingly make the situation worse or more tense by stepping in and trying to manage it. You are obviously at liberty to communicate with your child, but sometimes your quiet and calm presence can be your greatest contribution. Our piercers will not force your child to do something they are not comfortable with. It id very important for everyone that we approach these situations with the understanding that if the child is having trouble relaxing, the piercer or piercee, may postpone the visit for a different day, potentially weeks or months down the road. Sometimes this will occur before any piercings have been performed, or even after one ear has been done. It is far better to make another visit than to leave with a traumatic experience. In thee cases, you will not be charged for piercings that have not been performed or jewelry that has not been installed. It is super common for kids to be nervous about getting pierced and sometimes that becomes overwhelming. In some cases, taking away the option to get pierced for a while removes any pressure and will likely increase their resolve to follow through next time. Our piercers will be super clear about what they think is best.



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