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High-quality piercing shop and body jewelry in central Iowa. 

A piercing experience

that leaves you feeling more like YOU. 

At Mint Piercing, get a high-end piercing experience that creates confidence.

Friendly + Approachable + Clean 

Getting a piercing is a process that is often filled with big fears and big feelings—but it doesn’t have to be.

Expertise You Can Trust

A piercing studio that’s provided exceptional piercings since 2016—and our founder, Leo, has been piercing since 1999!

High-Quality Jewelry 

No matter what body jewelry you need, Mint Piercing only offers the best quality products from designer brands like BVLA. 

Whether you need a new piercing or would like to upgrade an existing one, we have the team, process, and jewelry you’ve been looking for.

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Offered Piercings 

  • Ear piercing

  • Kid’s ear piercing

  • Ear styling

  • Nose piercing 

  • Conch piercing 

  • Belly button piercing

  • Cartilage piercing 

  • Daith piercing 

  • Nipple piercing

  • Lip piercing 

  • Industrial piercing 

  • Rook piercing 

  • Forward helix piercing 

  • Dermal piercing 

  • Eyebrow piercing

  • Helix cartilage piercing 

  • Jewelry styling

  • And many more!

Get the look you’ve been dreaming of with Mint Piercing. 

Whether you need a jewelry upgrade or a completely new piercing—your next look starts with booking an appointment.

Ready to get your piercing? 

Photo Jun 14, 11 57 24 AM.jpg

Appointments are required to ensure you get an uninterrupted, one-on-one experience—book yours online! 

Our piercing experts walk you through the whole process—from jewelry selection and styling to sterilization and prep, as well as after-care and follow-up support. 

Feel that surge of confidence you just got? That’s what a great experience at Mint feels like (and it’s awesome!).

1. Book
2. Style
3. Show Off

Why Mint Piercing? 

Clients consistently rave about (and come back to) our team because we are kind, fun, and approachable. As members of the Association of Professional Piercers with 50+ years of combined experience, you can have confidence you’re getting a piercing from a team you can trust.

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